Bruiden getuigen Ꚙ

Anne is one of the kindest persons I have met in Belgium! For my make-up and hairstyling for my wedding reception in Belgium, I was quite skeptical to choose a make-up artist as I was aware, from my other Indian friends, that not every make-up artist has the experience and capacity to deal with the darker skin tone. But I made a great decision by choosing Anne. I would highly recommend her for anyone who is looking for a chic look for your special day, or any other day, no matter what your skin tone is. But additionally I would like to mention, that without even me asking her, she gave me great tips on how I could combine my beige dress with a beautiful red jacket and red stilettos. She also got me some red flowers and lace to accentuate the hair styling. In the end that made such a huge difference to the overall look. I can’t thank Anne enough for going out of her way to give me valuable tips on the overall look. She is definitely a great personal stylist and make-up artist for anyone.

Poulomi (microsystems engineer - Leuven)

Me and my bridesmaids were so happy with the bridal make-up and hairstyling by Anne from Corestilo. She is very professional and has the experience and the skill on top of that. She is also kind and treats us with such respect and love that if felt as if she was part of the family. At the end, when I saw the result in the mirror, I was overwhelmed with joy and got tears in my eyes by the amazing work of Anne

Sophie (London – Essex - UK)

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